Some thanks

The last exam (even if I’m missing the trophy picture, without the paper record book), the last document (considering that I was back from Erasmus, they were a lot) and the last correction in the last line of the last sentence in the last page of the last (?) thesis.
The last lap, again. Actually, I’ve already been here, through almost all of this, at the end of an university course. This time I’ve just been faster.

Should I write some “thanks” somewhere at the end of my thesis? Kind of acknowledgments or something similar?
I think I won’t, and I didn’t ( I was supposed to publish this post some weeks ago). People I’ve met during these two, almost three, years are too many, like the jobs I’ve done, the stories that I could tell and the travel companions of this long trip. Even if for just one night, one week, some months, the entire road or half of it. This time also the languages I should use for these thanks are too much.

It would be another book, another thesis. I don’t believe that I would be able to give to everyone the right weight in this history. What I do believe is that everybody added at least a line in the story where I took the two experiences I always wanted: studying far from home and living abroad as an Erasmus student.
Everybody helped me to end this chapter, reaching the beginning of the new one. I don’t know what is going to happen now, I didn’t get any anticipation.

The best part of this end is the upcoming start, now I’ll see if leaving home 3 years ago was a good call.

But there one thing I can try to tell in all the languages, and this one thing is THANKS:
Obrigado, Thank you, Gracias, dziękuję, მადლობა, дзякуй, mulțumesc, danke, hvala, спасибі, merci, děkuji, teşekkürler
Grazie, to all the special people I’ve met in the last academic semester of my life.


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